Snowflakes on Gray - Pillow Cover Backdrop

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Dive into a winter wonderland with Photobooth Design's "Snowflakes on Gray" Backdrop. This enchanting piece beckons guests into a serene snowfall, showcasing an array of intricate snowflakes delicately suspended in a gradient gray sky. A blend of metallic hues, twinkling dots, and varying snowflake designs converge to create a spellbinding visual experience. Ideal for winter weddings, holiday parties, or any frosty-themed event, this backdrop promises to transform your photographs into captivating keepsakes of snowy splendor.

* Pillow Backdrop Stand sold seperately.

Note: Backdrops are made to order unless otherwise specified. All orders are non-returnable. Please allow up to 6 business days for production, plus selected shipping method for delivery.

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