Indian Diwali Festival of Lights - Pillow Cover Backdrop

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Step into the radiant world of Diwali with the 'Festival of Lights' Photobooth Backdrop by Photobooth Design. A tapestry of rich purple hues sets the stage, drawing inspiration from the velvety night skies of Diwali. Hanging diya lamps, symbols of prosperity and enlightenment, add a touch of luminance, casting a glow over your celebratory moments. Delight in the intricately designed peacock, the epitome of grace and beauty, adorned with vibrant patterns reminiscent of traditional Indian art. Whether you're marking the triumph of light over darkness or capturing memories with loved ones, this backdrop infuses every snapshot with the spirit and splendor of India's most cherished festival.

* Pillow Backdrop Stand sold seperately.

Note: Backdrops are made to order unless otherwise specified. All orders are non-returnable. Please allow up to 6 business days for production, plus selected shipping method for delivery.

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