Backdrop Blackout for Pillow Cover Backgrounds

Backdrop Blackout for Pillow Cover Backgrounds

Our new blackout backdrops for our pillow stands are available now!

The Blackout Backdrop is the ideal solution for blocking any background light sources that affect double-sided pillow backdrops, which tend to be somewhat translucent. Placing them in front of backlighting (such as from a window) can cause the other side to "bleed through", but the Blackout Backdrop is 100% opaque, guaranteeing that the pillow side you are using is not "tainted" by either background light or the design on the other side.

The Blackout Backdrop is perfect for reducing conflict when setting up a backdrop in the middle of a room, which can't always be done against a wall. Pillow backdrops usually consist of two sides and two designs, and the Blackout Backdrop eliminates this problem by providing a continuous black surface that won't clash with the event décor, regardless of the design on the other side.

The Blackout Backdrop can be used as its own standalone backdrop, as its solid black and light-absorbing properties make it the perfect neutral surface. Additionally, it can also be used as a Chromakey Panel, due to its flat color.

Photobooth pillow cover tension blackout backdrop is perfect for any event! It is designed to easily attach to the back of any standard pillow cover, creating a professional-looking photobooth backdrop for pictures and is a great way to create a professional and exciting atmosphere.